What Are The Most Common Causes Of Obesity?

In this article, we want to talk about the usual causes of obesity. Certainly, we know that obesity is one of the most serious health problems facing America today. In fact, if you are obese you run the risk of contracting quite a long list of dreaded diseases. So, it's imperative to really begin some corrective action as soon as possible.

While it can be quite challenging to change a lifetime of habits, corrective action in this case really relies on a great deal on the reason why you became obese in the first place.

Eating More Calories Than We Need

causes of obesity

The most common cause of obesity is truly consuming more calories than your body needs. There's actually many actual causes and contributors as to why certain people are obese or not, but the bottom line truth really centers around the fact that more calories are consumed than are necessary.

One of the main reasons why obesity is just so prolific in America today is due to the number of food people are eating. I'm sure you realize that the plate of food that you get in a restaurant is actually much larger than it was 20 or 30 years ago. That's a real problem with just the quantity of food.

Another big reason is the high amount of fat in the food, very specifically the saturated fat. Let's face it, people don't become obese by eating tons and tons of fruits and vegetables. Rather the obesity really stems from consuming foods that are called what we call calorie dense.

Calorie dense foods are foods that are animal-based foods that are really sadly what many people prefer to eat. And calorie-dense just means for the size of food there's lots and lots of calories.

Sedentary Lifestyle

The second cause of obesity deals with our sedentary lifestyle. Modern technology is just completely awesome in so many ways, but there is a negative side effect. And that is that in today's day and age if you really don't have to raise a finger to do more than many of the common things like changing the channels on the TV, finding entertainment from your sofa or your computer. In so many ways physical activity has been reduced to an absolute minimum.

As you know, we've also removed physical education from our elementary schools. Gone are the days it appears when entertainment means taking a walk in the park, shoot a few hoops, jumping rope or just simply taking a nice walk down at a neighborhood street.

People no longer have to grow their own food so that doesn't take work. For many people going to get a quick meal requires nothing more than just hopping into your car and going through a drive-through or possibly going to a local grocery store where you can purchase some ready to eat foods that are usually pretty high in calories.

Lack Of Sleep

The third cause of obesity, which actually may come as a surprise to many of you, is lack of sleep. Sleep is actually a cause of obesity. There are actually two different mechanisms that are going on here.

One of them is the fact that sleep deprivation or sleeping less than seven to eight hours of sleep a night actually results in an increased secretion of a hormone called ghrelin. Perhaps you've heard about it. This hormone, which actually causes an increase in your appetite. It's an appetite stimulant. If you're someone trying to lose weight you certainly don't want your app to be stimulated. A way you can combat that is try to get adequate sleep, because if you don't get the right amount of sleep this hormone gets produced, which then causes your appetite to be increased.

The second mechanism has to do with your body's automatic self-preservation response. The lack of sleep is actually interpreted by the body as a stressful situation. Whenever your body goes through stress, the response is to slow down the metabolism in order to preserve any calories, any calorie reserves or fat. For example, in the old caveman days is an example if a lion is running after you, that's stressful. You're running but your body's actually slowing down the metabolism so that if you're running away and you're not going to have food readily available whatever your body has as a storage of energy, which is usually fat that actually gets protected, and the metabolism slows down.

Long gone are the days of the caveman, certainly, but when your body goes through a stressful situation that same response kicks in. The body tries to slow down the metabolism to help preserve itself. If you are consistently not getting enough sleep, that is causing stress on your body and your body has a response to slow down metabolism.

Again, if you are trying to lose weight by not sleeping enough hours in the day, you're actually doing yourself a big disservice. Make sure you get good sleep.

Disruptions In Endocrine Function

Another cause of obesity is any type of disruption in your endocrine system. Researchers are actively exploring this and they found some foods that actually affect your fat metabolism in a negative manner. One of these foods is fructose.

Fructose is something that doctors have been evaluating and it appears to have a very strong link between fructose consumption and fat or lipid accumulation. That's clearly not something you want so if you can reduce the amount of fructose in your diet that can be helpful according to the early research. It's not definitive but this is early research.

Quitting Smoking

Certainly, there are other less powerful causes of obesity. One of them is if someone does stop smoking. Many times people take the addiction toward the cigarette and they turn it towards an addiction towards food. Some people can become obese after stopping smoking.


Another thing is there's certainly some medications. If you're taking them for a particular disease you have some medications do have a side effect of having weight gain.


These are the main causes of obesity. As you can see, the first three major causes of obesity are well within the power of most people to change. You really do have the power there. And admittedl it is very difficult to do it is challenging particularly the need to overcome some acquired taste for rich foods or your need to exert effort to overcome years worth of sedentary life.

Those things can be difficult to change but it's very important to understand that the changing the way you think of food and changing the way you move your body can be extremely powerful. Only you can make these changes.

In fact, your doctor cannot provide the solution for you. It involves a change of mindset, which can only be done by you. Internal motivation has won far more battles than any amount of external motivation.

Truly, except for the rare cases where endocrine functions or drugs are involved, it is you who ultimately will determine whether you can be cured of obesity or not.

If you are someone who struggles with your weight I encourage you to make a commitment today to set this as a priority in your life. Your body, your health, your vitality and your enjoyment in life.