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In this article, I want to tell you about a new weight-loss drug called Contrave. Contrave is the newest of the three drugs approved by the FDA. This drug is not actually a new drug but a formulation of two older drugs. Each one causes minor amounts of weight loss but when taken together caused significant weight loss and lack of cravings. It produces fullness as well.

Contrave is FDA approved and it's been tested over ten years. It controls hunger, eliminates craving for food. Tests over 4,000 people have shown to be safe and effective. It causes rather rapid weight loss.

Who is Contrave for?

It is indicated with a reduced calorie diet for chronic weight management for only adult patients who have a body mass index of more than 30 or 27 with some complication due to obesity. The BMI is the weight divided by the height.


Contrave is made of two older FDA-approved drugs combined into one new drug. Bupropion is the first drug, the trade name is Wellbutrin. It's been present on the market since 1985. Bupropion increases dopamine and norepinephrine uptake in the brain. It results in the control of depression, stops a compulsive behavior and anxiety. It's been used for smoking sensation. By itself, it causes very little weight loss.


Naltrexone or Riva is the second drug, which is present on the market since 1994. It's classified as an opiate antagonist and is used for the treatment of drug addiction and alcohol dependence. Again, this drug has very little weight loss properties. However, when these two drugs are placed together there is a remarkable weight loss and lack of cravings. No one is quite sure how this happens.

How Does Contrave Work?

Bupropion works in the front part of the brain increasing messengers and chemicals including norepinephrine and dopamine. This decreases appetite and cravings. Naltrexone works in the middle of the brain blocking opioid receptors, which are scattered through the brain. This reduces appetite and controls cravings.


On this picture, you can see a synapse where two nerve cells attach. Notice the dopamine in their little red circles and the norepinephrine in the blue circles.

It's produced in the cell and goes to a point where it is released in from one cell to the next. The norepinephrine is attaching to a receptor in the second cell and the dopamine to a dopamine receptor in the second cell. When this happens it sends a message through all the cell's to stop eating and stop cravings.

This is how Contrave dual component stops hunger controls cravings and produces fullness through the day. Hunger is depicted in the pink lines and is mirrored by episodes of fullness. Cravings occur anytime but most in late afternoon and evening. Bupropion suppresses appetite to the 24 hours.

Naltrexone extended-release tops hunger and cravings during the day and especially cravings in the evening. The combination of the extended-release Bupropion and Naltrexone and suppress appetite and controll cravings through the day. Each component works together on different parts of the brain.

Here's the average weight loss with Contrave over 56 weeks of the study. Note, however, most of the weight loss occurred in the first 24 weeks. This is the change in body weight on the left and the weeks on the bottom.

Here's a better way to look at the weight loss with Contrave. It's difficult to talk about average weight loss when patients and subjects weigh different amounts. The typical way to do this is to talk about the percent of weight loss from the beginning of the study.

More than 5% weight loss is considered good. While 10% is better and 15% is quite extraordinary for a drug. In the studies, you will see in the black bars that Contrave and that 80% of the people that participated lost more than 5% of their body weight. 55% lost more than 10% and 39.5% lost more than 15%.

Taking a 200-pound person at 10% weight loss would be 20 pounds, 15% weight loss would be 30 pounds. These were quite remarkable results.


Contrave is contraindicated in patients with hypertension and seizure disorders, It cannot be used with people taking chronic opioids and MAO inhibitors as well as people allergic to contrive.

Suicidal behavior and ideation have been noted with people taking wellbutrin but this was not seen in the studies with Contrave.

Side effects of Contrave:

  • 7% - headaches;
  • 10%- dizziness;
  • 20% - nausea, which is the most significant side effect;
  • 3% - insomnia;
  • 3% - dry mouth;
  • 10% - constipation.

No other side effects were seen as typical of most appetite reducers such as insomnia, anxiety, and palpitations.

Is Contrave For You?

Well, consider Contrave if you have a BMI of more 27 with medical problems or BMI 30 without.

Have you had difficulty losing weight despite multiple attempts? Do you have cravings especially in the evening? Do you often hide food or eat in secret to eat out of stress depression or boredom? Do you awaken a night to eat?

These are the some of the behaviors were Contrave has been found to be very effective. It's also very effective in people with diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease who cannot take other medications for weight loss.

Sleep apnea responds well to the drug as well.

How To Take Contrave?

Contrave is given in a titrating dose over four weeks starting with one tablet in the morning and weekly increasing the dose until the patient takes two tablets in the morning and two at night.

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