Vegan Diet For Weight Loss

vegan diet

In this article we will talk about the most effective weight loss tool ever designed. I know this is an important topic that I think everyone wants to hear about and really what I'm going to do is share a certain position of many of us in the nutritional field.

I'll start off the walk with first saying permanent weight loss is a goal that many people desire. Certainly, fad diets and medically supervised plans are found everywhere. But in all reality very few actually can prove and provide long-lasting effectiveness.

There is one weight loss tool however that is far superior from all others. And that is vegan nutrition. In this article, I'll be going to explore some of the evidence supporting this position.

Vegan Diet Study

Let's go back September 2005. There was a study conducted by Dr. Neal Barnard, who's well-known within the vegan industry and this was published in the American Journal of Medicine. His study provided confirmation that a vegan diet was far more effective than the usual calorie debt-reduction diets that are recommended by mainstream health organization.

This study looked at a group of 63 postmenopausal women, who were either obese or overweight. To be part of the study they had to have a body mass index or BMI between 25 and 44. All the women in the group were either overweight or obese or morbidly obese. All 63 women were divided into two groups and were put on a diet lasting for 14 weeks.

One group was put on a diet that's recommended by the national cholesterol education program. This particular diet was composed of 30% fat, 15% protein, and 55% carbohydrate. The cholesterol intake was kept below 200 milligrams daily. They were allowed to eat any type of animal foods.

The other group was put on a vegan diet and this diet was low in fat and primarily composed of grains legumes, vegetables and fruits. Specifically, the diet was composed of 10% fat, 75% carbohydrate and 15% percent protein.

For the entire duration of the study calorie intake was left unlimited. They said the women you said you can eat as much as you want. And women were also allowed to stay with whatever their typical exercise regimen was or was not.

At the end of the experiment it was seeing that the women on the vegan diet consumed fewer calories than those in the control even though they were told they could eat as much as they want. There were other also differences. In the substantial reductions in the vegan group was they had definitely lower levels of cholesterol, fat, and protein consumed by a definition of how the study was structured.

On the other hand, the vegan group had significantly higher intakes of fiber and carbohydrate. so now

Let's really go to the results and the results we're looking at the average weight loss. Women on the vegan diet had an average weight loss of 12.6 pounds over the 14 weeks. The other group had an average weight loss of 8.36 pounds. So, significantly more weight loss in the vegan group. There also were larger reductions in both the waist measurement as well as the body mass index of the vegan group.

The study concluded that the amount of weight loss experienced by the vegan group was essentially the same amount as expected from a group who went through a very significantly calorie-reduced diet. The conclusion was not surprising Dr. Bernard and others.

Why Vegan Diet Is So Effective?

The reason why it wasn't surprising to be initiated is that the vegan diet utilizes a lot of what's called "big foods". This term they're really referred to foods which are big in volume but low in calories. And a simple demonstration of this, if you want to try to get this clear in your mind, is if you go to the grocery store. If you take two grocery baskets and you can imagine yourself doing this. Fill one up to the brim with vegetables and fruits and fill the other one up to the brim with chicken and other meat products. Then if you were to do that and compare the weights of the two grocery baskets, certainly without a doubt, the basket with the fruit and vegetables would probably be at least half the weight of the meat basket.

This is just an analogy but it's very analogous to calories. But you see by eating the quote-unquote big food you become full and satisfied much faster with far fewer calories than if you eat the other more rich foods.

If you fill your stomach with a very rich meat-based diet you can easily transfer anywhere from 2,000 or 3000 calories to your stomach. On the other hand, stomach filling with a vegan meal would add only about 500 calories or less.

Calorie counting is not the focus here. Certainly not, but it's a point that's well made that a vegan diet is just naturally low in calories.

This actually leads me a very important point that I really want you to understand. Counting calories is not the way to weight loss. In fact, one of the biggest reasons the traditional calorie restriction diets fail is because they're based on the premise of portion control.

Let me explain a little bit more about this. People on a calorie restricted diet need to consume less food in terms of volume in order to consume fewer calories. What this eventually leads to though is a general dissatisfaction with the diet because every meal would leave the person feeling the emptiness in their stomach. And psychologically this emptiness equates to a sensation of relative starvation regardless of the number of calories actually contained in the meal.

Therefore, the calorie-restricted diets by their very nature are truly destined to fail. Even people with an iron willpower will be challenged by these diets in the long haul.

If you go on the other hand, however, a vegan diet allows you to consume as much as you want because your stomach will be filled up long before you even begin to approach the high-calorie levels of your previous calorie-restricted diet. The body does not feel though it as though it's starving and there's certainly no psychological feeling of deprivation because there are no limits that are put on any portions.

From this example you can see why I feel that a vegan diet is truly the ultimate weight loss tool.